Wednesday, August 27, 2003

After this, we plan to write only on parchment and capture Venetians for our war galleys

In what can only be an attempt to drag Nigeria into the 10th century, the saga of a single mother condemned by an Islamic court to be stoned to death continues on appeal. It is stunning that a country that wants to be taken seriously as a regional power, as Nigeria does, would allow this farce to go on. After having a child out of wedlock more than two years after her divorce, Amina Lawal was convicted of adultery. So, in keeping with the insanity of the entire proceeding, she was sentenced to be buried up to her neck in sand and then stoned to death. Wow. And some people wonder why Islam has a bad name in many parts of the world. It's because the moderate elements refuse to take on the radical adherents in situations like these. This court is so determined to carry out the sentence that they have continuously delayed the appeal in hopes of dissapating worldwide interest and condemnation. Makes you appreciate life in the USA a little bit more.

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