Tuesday, August 26, 2003

France has 35-hour work weeks. Guess who got the extra 5 hours...

Not that I agree with France's ridiculous attempt to cut unemployment by denying working people 5 paid hours from their paychecks, but wasn't technology supposed to make working easier, leaving us more time for our families? Not in the country that made union-busting a national sport. Not surprisingly, we've used our increased efficiency to work longer hours and make more money so we can buy bigger and better things. Meanwhile companies demand more hours with promotions and raises on the line if you don't follow the rules. This is a problem. Between most corporations squeezing their employees dry to justify multi-million dollar bonuses for senior management, and the "Beat the Joneses" consumerism that more families display, an entire generation of American children are growing up in empty homes. It's time Americans made some tough choices. If you are working 50+ hours so you can buy that super-deluxe McMansion when you could work 40 hours and buy a nice house, you aren't working for your family. You're working to impress your peers. And that isn't a healthy thing for a family or this country.

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