Friday, August 29, 2003

God said to go to the Alabama Judicial Building and make an ass of myself

Continuing a rally/protest/gathering of absurd proportions, people are demanding the return of the 10 Commandments statue in Alabama. This whole scenario has been wonderful if you like to hear people say idiotic things. Like Rev. Dobson comparing this rally to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat, which is akin to comparing Fox's Al Franken lawsuit to the Ulysses obscenity case. Or Judge Moore saying that a federal judge has no authority over him. Which begs the question: How did this idiot, who apparently has no grasp of basic Constitutional Law, get elected to the Chief Justiceship of Alabama? But the best, and most telling, quote has been from the group of apparently self-employed individuals who have camped out in perpetual protest. "Get your hands off our God, God haters!"

I want to dwell on this a second because nothing chafes me more than people twisting and manipulating religion. The last people who should be getting yelled at are the people who removed the statue. The US Constitution clearly states that the government, federal or state, is not to promote a particular religious position. When Judge Moore started espousing about our "Judeo-Christian" heritage in reference to the statue, he violated the First Amendment. Period. What is worse is that Judge Moore is using God for his own fame and notoriety. He has intentionally created a conflict to increase his own visibility, and to use God like that is nothing short of heinous.

At least the protesters aren't willfully manipulating religion. They're just ignorant. To yell "Get your hands off our God, God haters!" is simply asinine. Again, as I have said in previous days, this essentially makes the statue an idol - an object of direct worship - as opposed to the Cross, which is a symbol of faith. But this gentleman, and the others, are continuing to miss the point about Christianity. You can remove all the statues, burn all the churches and confiscate every cross. And none of it matters because God is in US. He is when we give food to a homeless person on the street. He is when we volunteer at a shelter, or try to help an abandoned animal. He is when we forgive someone who has wronged us. He is when we give to others from ourselves. I kneel before a cross when I pray, but I worship God in my heart. It's a shame these protesters don't do the same.

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