Wednesday, August 27, 2003

He's a statesman. He's a terrorist. Stop, you're both right.

That paragon of peace in the Middle East, Yassar Arafat, called on Palestinian terror groups to reinstate their cease-fire while accusing Israel of rejecting the US-backed peace roadmap by "escalating" their attacks. That's funny, I thought it your Hamas buddies killing those kids in the bus blast that was a rejection of the road map. Let's be honest: Arafat has no interest in peace. He continually undermines PM Abbas and does nothing to keep Hamas in check. His one goal, as it has always been since the dawn of the PLO, is to wipe Israel off the map. For each concession he gets, he'll ask for a hundred more. Here's a prediction: Israel will agree to remove the illegal settlements on the West Bank and begin to hand over more land. That's when Arafat will demand the "right of return" of over 4 million Arabs into Israel, which would destroy the nation. This will never end until Arafat is gone and Abbas put the clamps on Hamas.

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