Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The Lord God has given you these 15.... these 10, 10 Commandments...

What can you say about this incompetent boob, Judge Moore? How about "Please resign and move into the mountains so you stop giving a bad name to Christianity." The flap over the 10 Commandments sculpture continues with no end in sight. To someone who believes in God, this is just depressing. It would be one thing if the 10 Commandments were included with Hammurabi's Code, Justinian's Law, the Code Napoleon, the US Constitution and others. But it isn't. Judge Moore has specifically made this about his religious beliefs. Well, if Judge Moore is truly a good Christian, he should remember two things. One, God punished the Israelites for worshipping a golden calf. Second, when Moses took credit for the water from the rock, he was denied entry to the Promised Land. God is not in a sculpture, and perhaps Judge Moore and the people protecting and praying around the sculpture need to be reminded of that. And the lesson of the water from the rock is an admonishment against pride, the First Deadly Sin from which all others arise. As Judge Moore makes this about himself, gives speeches and glories in his fame, he falls victim to this. This whole uproar has never been about God. It's been about Judge Moore's desire for fame. And probably a run for Governor of Alabama.

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