Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Maybe they can go find Jesus in an oil stain

Hopefully the insanity in Alabama will tone down now that the 10 Commandments statue is being moved to parts unknown within the Alabama Judicial Building. This has been the an interesting saga, and one that has shed yet another light on the ridiculousness of certain wings of the Christian faith. These people essentially made an idol out of this statue, praying near it as if it was a direct link to God, or God Himself. These people need to remember that God does not reside in a statue, a building, or any object. He lives in each of us. And He probably would had preferred these people spent their time helping those less fortunate instead of feeding Judge Moore's ego. If you want to read about someone in Alabama who is acting in a Christian manner, read all these articles about Gov. Riley's attempt to bring tax relief to the poorest residents of Alabama and to improve the education system. Not surprisingly, the Christian Coalition of Alabama opposes the plan. Gosh, what a shock.

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