Wednesday, August 27, 2003

McGovern Redux

You all remember George McGovern, right? The 1972 election. The US still in Vietnam and the economy at a standstill. Should be a Democratic cakewalk. Then they nominate McGovern and gift-wrap the election for Nixon and the GOP. Well, apparently they love to repeat their mistakes. Howard Dean is quickly becoming the Democratic front-runner for 2004, and the GOP couldn't be happier. Dean plays to the liberal base of the Democratic Party. The problem is that this basically limits his appeal to 2/3 of New England, New York City, the West Coast and Washington, D.C. The vast majority of this nation is moderate and wants nothing to do with a hard-left political platform. Universal health-care (a topic for another time)? Repealing the portions of the tax-cut that went to the lower-and middle class? Ya, that'll win an election. Democrats need to wake up to the fact that the reason they lost in 2000 wasn't the Supreme Court. It was because Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, something even Fritz Mondale was able to avoid in '84. And why did he lose Tennessee? Because the hard-liberal wing of his party forced him too far to the left.

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