Tuesday, August 26, 2003

The only good airplane has two left wings.... or maybe it's two right wings

If your day has been going along too smoothly and you want to inject a little strife, visit this site and this site. Then go to the nearest wall and pound your head until a concussion wipes the stress away. These two sites are just a small example of the problem with politics in America. Namely, that the middle ground of rational discourse is gone. Eric Alterman's MSNBC page is only slightly left of Ron Dellums, while the Free Republic could scare John Birchers straight. Alterman's site can be summed up as: "Bush lied, Bush lied, Republicans bad, stolen election. Rinse. Repeat." The Free Republic: "Only God-fearing white males need apply." Eric, the only way that the WMD claims can be a lie is if you can prove they AREN'T there. Otherwise, the jury is still out and you should just shut up and dream happy thoughts of Universal Health Care and the McGovern campaign. As for the FRers, many of us in this country, while we believe in God, don't like it shoved down our throats. Jesus never forced his views on anyone. Take a lesson from Him and tell Judge Moore to put a sock in it. The only two politicians worth listening to anymore are Lieberman and McCain. Of course, this is why they'll never gain the presidency.

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