Friday, August 29, 2003

"This item is a Must-Read!" - I.P. Freely

When you see a movie, you often have to suspend reality to fully enjoy it. Unfotunately, the studios feel the same should apply to the critic quotes you see in newspaper and TV ads. All too often you see glowing quotes from "critics" exhorting the value of a Madonna film. Even "Gigli" was able to get some positive action. And who are these people? Usually someone who writes for a no-name publication witha circulation of 12. The only critics I even consider listening to are Roger Ebert, Peter Travers at Rolling Stone and Paul Tatara at CNN. But even then, I disgaree as much as I agree with them. Basically, the only critic worth listening to is yourself. Otherwise, Pulp Fiction and The Matrix never would have gotten off the ground.

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