Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Who needs food when you have an A-Bomb?

In news that no one here seems to care about, talks are about to begin on North Korea's nuclear weapons program. This is critical stuff that deserves more attention. North Korea, while starving and underdeveloped due a slavish adherence to Marxism, has found the time to build a few A-Bombs. And now they want to essentially blackmail the US into giving them food, oil, money, and a nice timeshare in Palm Beach. Say what you want about Iraq and whether our policy is working or not, but the Bush Administration has done the right thing here. To give North Korea anything without them first dismantling their weapons program would be giving into nuclear blackmail. And it would simply encourage others, like Iran, to do the same. North Korea is a backwards, dysfunctional country with twisted despots for leaders. The sooner they are isolated and removed, the better. And it has to start here.

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