Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Hi. I'm John Kerry. Unless that upsets you. Then I'm not.

John Kerry has declared his is running for president, and amazingly didn't change his mind. Which is his biggest problem. Kerry has never and probably will never put both feet on one side of the fence on any seriously divisive issue. You can get away with this when you are a senator from a state where Democrats can grope waitresses, appear inebriated in public and still get elected Senator (hi Ted!). But wishy-washy doesn't play well on the national stage. He's for removing Saddam, but opposes going into Iraq. He's against drugs, but opposes assistance to Colombia. It's never yes or no with Kerry, but a mushy middle that doesn't satisfy anyone. This is why Dean is slapping him stupid. He may be McGovern 2.0, but at least he stands for something. The Democrats need to get Kerry into gear, because Dean carrying the 2004 banner for the Dems will hand the GOP the White House.

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