Wednesday, September 10, 2003

If this doesn't work, we'll starting killing kids on buses...oh, we did that?

The Israel/Palestine situation continues to deteriorate (if that's possible) as Hamas has now sworn to target Israeli residences in "occupied Palestine." This means all of Israel. And why this new direction in policy? Because an Israeli F-16 dropped a bomb on the residence of the leader of Hamas, Mahmoud Zahar. And while he survived, his son and a bodyguard died while his wife and daughter were placed in intensive care. Now, since Israel announced over two weeks ago that they were targeting senior Hamas officials, you'd think that maybe Zahar would've sent his family away. But more importantly, this would never had happened if Hamas hadn't blown up that bus on August 19th, killing a score of children and wounding dozens. There will never be peace in the region until the Palestinian Authority stands up to Hamas and the others and removes their capacity to intitiate and execute terrorist bombings. The PA replies that they are afraid of "civil war." So it's better to keep this long-term attrition and blood-letting to continue? Sometimes battles have to be fought to acheive a better future. It's time for the PA to be a real government and remove the terrorist element from their midst.

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