Tuesday, February 03, 2004

All the news that’s fit to squash

Quick, what do you think of when you hear “Clear Skies?” If you can ignore the gnashing and wailing from the granola lobby, you’d think of the Bush proposal to eliminate air pollution. The proposal calls for reducing air pollution on a national level and allowing industrial facilities to trade reduction permits. The Democratic nominees, newspaper editorialists from the New York Times and granola lobbyists have jumped all over it for months, saying it weakens the current Clean Air Act.

Come hither the National Resources Council, a division of the National Academy of Sciences. It has just published a report on air pollution, saying that while air pollution is declining, the most effective way to reduce it is to…pursue a multi-state approach and allow industrial facilities to trade reduction permits. In other words, exactly what the Bush plan calls for.

After getting over the shock that Bush is actually proposing something to help the environment, you’d think that these previous opponents would either acknowledge their error or at least not bring it up again. Oh, wait, that would be in Bizarro America. Here, the candidates still decry the measure, the Times buries the piece in the bowels of the front section, and the granola-heads…well, who really takes them seriously?

Two things come to mind. One, the reason no one is admitting that the Bush plan would work, and in fact are lying about its’ effect, is because the Democrats would have NO shot in 2004 if Bush scored a progressive environmental victory. The second is more interesting. A multi-state approach to pollution with industrial facilities trading reduction permits should sound familiar. That is essentially what the Kyoto Accord was about. However, what wouldn’t work on a global level can work on a national level. The key being that the economic effect is reduced. The negative impact that Kyoto would have on our productivity and production in the global market is reduced dramatically when the same concept is applied within our borders. It like how communism works on a small scale, but is a national bust. In a single household, people share the benefits of work (food, clothes, etc.) although not everyone shares the work. Nationally, millions of people starve or get executed, and a dictatorship forms.

The point being: All these left-wing organizations, editorialists and politicians LOVED the Kyoto Accord. They hailed it as the salvation of mankind. But when a Republican president proposes the same plan on a national level? Horrors!! We’ll all be wearing gas masks and mourning the death of the last tree in twenty years time!! I am not, in any way, a Bush-ite. But this plan is valid. It improves the health of the country. That should be the only thing anyone cares about.

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