Thursday, February 26, 2004

Caution: Ridiculous PC event ahead!!

Ratcheting up the absurdity scale a couple of degrees, a sixth-grader in Ohio was suspended from school for three days. Why? He committed the vile crime of (get ready for it) ... bringing the SI Swimsuit issue to school. Oh no!! The horror!! Women in swimsuits! Can handguns be far behind??

Apparently the young boy violated the school's "non-verbal harrassment code," which leads me to believe that Andrea Dworkin is the principal of the school. This has got to rank up there with the boy who was suspended for pulling a girl's pigtails. Back when common sense was the rule, this boy would have been called to the Principal's office. The magazine would have been confiscated, and he maybe would have gotten detention. Instead he's punished as if he engaged in a fight. PC idiocy strikes again.

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