Friday, February 06, 2004

First we shoot him, then we stab him, THEN we kill him

The abduction of 11-year old Carlie Brucia in Sarasota, Florida has come to a sad conclusion as her body was found not far from the car wash from which she was originally abducted. The piece of human garbage who abducted her, Joseph P. Smith, currently sits in jail. Brought in for questioning about the abduction, he refused to help police. Now charged with murder, we can see why he was so reluctant. Here's a picture of the scumbag:

It is for predators like this that the death penalty exists. There is nothing to be gained by jailing this man for life. He has commited a sick and vicious crime. He has proven that he cannot exist within society. So he should be removed. People say we shouldn't play God. This isn't playing God. This is justice. The second he ended this little girl's life, he forfeited his own. Will his death bring Carlie back? Of course not. But at least we'll be secure in the knowledge that this waste of oxygen can never do this again.

He is whatever you want him to be. Except honest.

The "animatronic Lincoln" (thanks Mickey Kaus!), good old Senator Botox, gets a proper vetting in this column from Howie Carr. Carr can be a windbag, and some of his positions I disagree with. But as someone who lived in Boston almost 10 years, I can say he's got Sen. Botox down to a "t". He's an arrogant jerk who poses as a common man but lives a pampered lifestyle thanks to the heiresses he marries. Obnoxious and rude, he is practically a shadow in the Senate. Why? Because he has the uncanny ability to position himself on an issue so that no matter which way the wind blows, he can say he was on that side all along. Of course, this means he can't actually COMMIT to anything. Heaven help us if he took a real stand, because I believe that is what happens when the fifth trumpet blows at Armageddon. He sails his yacht in private, denounces "millionaires" in public, and donates less money to charity than people who earn less than half of his senator's six-figure salary. "Do you know who I am?" Yes I do, John. You're a flaming jackass.

It'll get really scary if there's another break-in at the Watergate

Republicans used to be pretty reliable about holding down federal spending. They used to talk about limiting the size of government. They used to try to reduce the deficit. But apparently the Big W has decided that is all a bunch of bunk. Federal spending is at it's highest level since the Nixon years. Why? Buying support for the war. Which is maddening because if he took the time to properly reframe the argument (removing a source of instability in the Middle East, new democracy, along with Jordan they could become the central hub of a moderating influence through the region) he could regain support. But W is like the kid in class who doesn't want to do his homework, so he pays the smart kid to do it. W doesn't want to take the time to go through all the work of convincing people and learning things. So he'll gain his support by spending federal dollars until the money presses break down from overuse. Never have I seen a president who so willingly seems to avoid trying to gain knowledge and hates to work at forming consensus. He and his clique basically ignore everyone else. So now we have a deficit that is growing, a medicare plan that further drains the federal till, and a policy in Iraq that seems positively Rube Goldberg-ian. And W doesn't care. A war and limitless federal spending...the spirit of Nixon lives on.

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