Wednesday, February 11, 2004

General Clark, we hardly knew ye

Like a meteor in the night sky, the Presidential candidacy of General Wes Clark has shone brightly and then flamed out. After getting smoked last night in the latest primaries, Clark bowed out, claiming he will continue to work for the Democratic Party. Clark, with his sterling resume, should have been a front-runner. But he never quite clicked. There were two reasons:
And so the Kerry Express continues unabated. But what happens when his warts begin to show? Bush's biggest issue, the "AWOL" flap, has been released so early that by November any effect it has electorally will have already been felt. Comparatively, many Kerry supporters still don't know that he threw someone else's medals over the gate during his oh-so famous protest. What happens when the eletorate at large gets that piece of news in, oh, July?
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