Monday, February 09, 2004

When idiocy strikes

He is unable to get over losing the 2000 election (all he had to do was win Tennessee, folks). His brief run as kingmaker of the Democrats is over as Dean fades into irrelevancy. What’s left? Well, for Al Gore it’s attacking Bush over Iraq, saying he took America on an “ill-conceived foreign adventure” in Iraq. What’s worse, the war was planned prior to 9-11.

Well, gosh, that’s horrible! You mean they devised a plan for invading a nation that we had already been to war with? A nation that had used chemical weapons in the past? A nation that had twice been thwarted in their nuclear ambitions only by the Israelis in the early 80s and the First Gulf War? The nation that Clinton and Gore bombed on multiple occasions between 1992-2000? Wow, how odd, having a contingency plan for a rogue nation like that. You can be sure that Al Gore would have had no plan whatsoever had he been President! I can’t believe he didn’t win.

As for “ill-conceived,” that is a matter of opinion. But read this article about a letter found in an Iraqi insurgency safe-house. It begs al-Qaeda for help, essentially saying that they are receiving minimal support, if any, from the vast majority of the population.. So contrary to the perception that we aren’t making ground, we are making valid gains. And if the result is a non-hostile Iraq that isn’t constantly meddling in Palestine and other hot spots, then the war was valid, WMDs or not.

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