Thursday, March 11, 2004

Barking up the wrong tree

In the wake of the horrific bombings in Spain, the government originally blamed the Basque terrorist group ETA for the act. It was somewhat doubtful that they were behind it, as the modus operandi of the attack didn't match their pattern. The ETA is a lot like the old IRA in that they'd telephone the police with a code word about the bomb, and more often that not tell them where it was so as to make a political point without a lot of civilian casualties. Their killings are usually assassination attempts against government officials. This attack fits none of these criteria.

And there is good reason for it. Now a letter has been received in London from Al-Qaeda claiming responsibility. This is much more likely, as these scum don't hesitate to kill the innocent. The Spanish government backed the Iraq war strongly. And Spain is a short jump from North Africa, where US Special Forces have been recently hunting Al-Qaeda forces in Algeria and Northern Mali.

This shows that terrorism is not directed against the United States but Western Civilization. Any society that believes in civil liberties, free expression and equal rights is at risk from these reactionaries.

The duplicity of the two parties

We've all heard how Justice Scalia spoke to an anti-gay marriage group shortly before a key gay-rights case came before the Supreme Court. There was a massive cry about how this was wrong because it showed a lack of impartiality on the court and that judges must remain neutral. Well, now the shoe is on the other foot. Justice Ginsburg apparently lent her name to the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, and ruled favorably on a case that they presented before the court. If everyone was being honest, then the people who were excoriating Scalia should do the same with Ginsburg, and Scalia defenders should back Ginsburg.

Hah! You believe that's what happened? There's no intellectual honesty in Washington anymore! Scalia's attackers all of a sudden spoke about how Ginsburg was quite rational, and Scalia's defenders are all over Ginsburg for her lack of impartiality.

What a crock. This is a prime example of how the two main parties no longer care about the issues, but about destroying their opponent. The two sides should have the decency to say that BOTH judges are wrong and shouldn't be talking to these groups. But instead they devolve into petty ideological attacks. If you belong to either of these two behemoths, you cannot judge issues individually. You are reduced to parroting party rhetoric. It's like a capitalist version of the Communist Party, where they make sure to not let reality get in the way of making a point.

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