Friday, March 05, 2004

Going after small fish while the sharks swim free

Well, it's official. Martha is guilty. Wow, what a takedown by the feds. She was obviously the worst perpetrator of corporate fraud. I mean, her sale of ImClone helped her avoid a loss of $51,000!!! Thank God the government put this heartless businesswoman in her place. I am surprised the American economy didn't collapse under her malfeasance.

Meanwhile, the trial for former Tyco chief and actual corporate scumbag Dennis Kozlowski hasn't reached the jury deliberation phase yet despite having started last September. Here is a guy who spent a cool million of Tyco's cash on a toga party in Sardinia to celebrate his wife's birthday and $30 million of Tyco money buying and decorating a Manhattan apartment with such items as a $15,000 umbrella stand. And they haven't convicted this guy yet? All Martha did was make a quick buck. Kozlowski stole millions from the company and its shareholders. Yet he is still free. The government went after Stewart full tily b/c of her celebrity status. But for rich guys like Kozlowski, it's a nice and easy time.

And wither Ken Lay? Oh, he's still under investigation. I guess all that cash he donated to George W. paid off in more ways than one.

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