Wednesday, March 31, 2004

'Hot Air America'

Well, the new Liberal talk radio network is live now. Air America is spanning the globe...the nation..well, four major cities. They have prominent hosts...b-list hosts...well, they have Franken, Garofalo and one of the Kennedys no one cares about.

I am betting this will be radio at its worst. They won't have anything original to say. Basically, take what is said on Limbaugh and flip it 180 degrees. Now you have what Franken will say. It's essentially Bizzaro-world talk radio. I doubt Al or Janene will lay into anyone on the left side of the street. Of course, it's not like Rush and Co. are lashing fellow GOPers either.

But the main reason Air America will not work is not because of the insipid commentary or the AA-league hosts. It's because their viewpoint already gets major exposure. Their viewpoints on Iraq, Bush and taxes are already on the airwaves via Pacifica Radio and NPR. It gets carried in print via the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the L.A. Times, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, the Washington Post and a slew of other papers. Right-leaning talk radio developed because of this abundance of left-thought in the media. It's still there. So what inequality is Air America trying to rectify?

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