Friday, April 02, 2004

Are we done yet?

Now Condy Rice is testifying next week in the 9/11 hearings. While this is a good move by the Admin. (she is eloquent and will blow Clarke out of the water), it perpetuates these hearings, which are a joke and should end now.

NO ONE could have predicted 9/11. NO ONE could have stopped it. The structure of our intelligence services is so flawed that there was no way to bring together all the information that was contained in hundreds of bits and pieces. But this problem was known about shortly after 9/11. So why the hearings?

Blame. As usual in Washington, the two parties have decided to try and nail each other to the wall. The problem is this time they are doing so while using thousands of needlessly slain people as the hammer. This is what it has come to. Rather than working together to fix the problem, the GOP and Dems are using the memory of the slain to score points off the other side. It's disgusting, crass and vile. These hearings should stop now and everyone whose been involved should apologize for their participation. Starting with that jackass Clarke, who used the hearing to cover himself in glory. If you hate Bush, fine. You're well-known for your ability to hold a grudge. But don't use 9/11 to get your revenge.

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