Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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Lots of stuff to talk about today...and a warning. The first piece may contain words not suitable for young readers, sensitive readers, or FCC Gestapo members who have problems with breasts, but let bloody corpses go without a mention.

Dear Mr. Powell...

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.

Why did I just type that? Because I am an American and I have the constitutional right to do so. I can walk into Central Park, call John Kerry a flaming jackass and then yell "Shit!!" 30 times in a row. Why? Because of the First Amendment, that's why.

So when I see Michael Powell turning the FCC into a 21st Century Inquisition, it pisses me off. On the hunt for "vulgarity," they are not only going after radio and Oprah, but have now turned their firebrands onto soap operas. Soap Operas!! Are you kidding? Doesn't the FCC have something better to do, like issuing licenses or ensuring that a handful of conglomerates don't own too many stations? Guess not.

Well, Mikey, I appreciate the concern for my mental and social health, but I am capable of deciding for myself what is and isn't vulgar. As is every other American. That is why radios and televisions come with multiple channels. If I don't like one, I can turn the f-ing channel!

By the same token, as long as someone is not advocating sedition or violence, they should be allowed to say whatever the hell they want. Howard Stern may be childish in talking about breasts and lesbians, but it's his right as an American to do so.

Quit imposing your personal standards on my life, Powell! You don't see me forcing you to follow my beliefs. I expect the same courtesy from you...you flaming jackass.

Not a good line of attack

John Kerry released his military records today, apparently in response to people denigrating his service in Vietnam. Look, I don't like the guy personally or as a politican. I lived in Massachusetts for many years, and I think he is a jerk who didn't do much in the Senate worthy of praise. But he served with valor in Vietnam and was highly decorated. And he commanded a river boat, which was a highly hazardous job in that war. I can't imagine a stupider line of attack in an election that to go after his military record. Especially when there is so much legitimate material to use. But if the GOP wants to make the election interesting by pursuing this foolish line of attack, so be it.

A quick plea

Hey! Rumsfeld! Create more divisions in the Army and get more troops on the ground in Iraq! Using National Guard units excessively is only going to dampen recruitment rates in the future. They aren't supposed to be pulling double tours while front-line units are sitting on their asses in Germany. Get on the stick already.

That's it for me. Enjoy the rest of the week, I'm going to put down a few Sam Adams White Ales. Ahhhhh...

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