Friday, April 30, 2004

It's Friday, wherin I reserve the right to talk about whatever the heck I want.

What's the deal with people who like Michael Jackson?

Seriously, I want this question answered. The LA court where his trial is going to be held has to put up metal barricades to keep his fans back. FANS?! How is that possible? He's a creepy, plasticized freak who has a penchant for hanging around young boys. If it were anyone else, they'd be in jail. Instead, something close to half the population of Japan falls at his feet like his last name is Hirohito and the year is 1936. I don't get it. Even in the States there are tons of people who worship this sleaze, using their last brain cell to kiss his feet.

It's sad, b/c he used to be awesome. You listen to that young MJ singing 'ABC' or his later works, and you can't help but love it. But then, it all went bad. My wife says it happened when his hair went ablaze during the Pepsi commerical shoot in 1984. She thinks the jeri curl in his hair leeched into his brain. I am sure that's possible, but undoubtedly, having your head catch on fire changes a man. Apparently into a vague feline-looking manequin.

This 9/11 Commission is important...except for right now

Illuminating the sheer idiocy of the 9/11 Commission is the latest revelation on the actions of its members. Yesterday, Bush and Cheney were questioned at the White House. Now, the Commission, especially the Democratic members, had been haranguing the White House to give them an interview for months, saying how important it was. They finally got their wish yesterday. So what did they do?

Well, two of the members, both Democrats, LEFT EARLY! This supposedly important interview that was so critical to the commission apparently came in second best to Bob Kerrey and Lee Hamilton. Both left an hour early. Kerry went to hit up Congress for more money for his employer, New School University. Hamilton boogied on over to the Woodrow Wilson Center, of which he is chairman, for a ceremony.

Wow. This supposedly critical information must not be that critical. And this apparently important commission must not be that important. I guess unless you can score points off the Administration in public, it's suddenly not that big a deal.

Can we please finally shut down this joke of a commission? It does America no good because it doesn't focus on this issues, just partisan bickering.

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