Friday, May 21, 2004

Banality vs. Banality

Well, yet another poll came out...of course, Bush and Kerry are tied. I am underwhelmed by the news. If the Democrats had a half-decent candidate, this election would be a bloodbath. So explain how Bush can:

and yet Kerry can only achieve a TIE??? Good Lord, is that possible?

The truth is that the two parties have, AGAIN, given us crap for candidates. Slaves to the extremist wings, they represent the needs and desires of the higher-ups in each party, not the average American. Just like the two parties have ceased to represent the avergage American.

In 2000 only 51.3% of voting age Americans cast ballots in the presidential election. There are almost an equal number of people who could vote, but haven't. I am willing to bet that a sizable number of these people don't vote because neither party offers them anything. We need a third party, an honest alternative to the two current parties that care only about perpetuating their power, not about making this country stronger.

Now, if only McCain and Lieberman would bolt the two groups and give us a real choice...

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