Thursday, May 20, 2004

Israel crosses the line

I said a number of months back that the Palestinians would gain a lot more in their negotiations with Israel if they'd stop the suicide bombings and engaged in peaceful protest. The reason: inevitably the Israelis would get physical with the protesters, and the Palestinians would reap the positive benefits from the international community.

Well, two days ago the Israelis fired near a group of women and kids engaged in a peaceful protest in Gaza, attempting to break up the protest. The result was close to 20 dead and double that wounded, many of them children.

Rightfully so, the US didn't block a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Israelis. This ranks with Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland and the massacre at Amritsar, India in the annals of peaceful protests ending in government gunfire.

Hopefully such a tragedy with show the Palestinians the folly of suicide bombing as a method for gaining freedom, and the Israelis will take a step back and rethink their current strategy. I fall, 99 out of 100 times, on Israel's side. But they did wrong here.

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