Friday, May 14, 2004

Pot calling kettle...pot calling kettle

In a NY Times editorial today:

"They are cynically trying to use the images of Mr. Berg to wipe away the images of Abu Ghraib, turning the abhorrence for the murderers into an excuse for demonizing Arabs and Muslims, or for sanctioning their torture."

Now, I will reiterate again that I support the prosecution of anyone and everyone involved in the depraved and un-American activity at Abu Ghraib. It is inexcusable and beneath us. Frankly, it disgusts me.

But aren't the NY Times and other media outlets guilty of this same offense? They are using the Abu Ghraib photos in a cynical attempt to discredit the entire Iraq operation. They are taking the actions of a handful of soldiers and extrapolating it into a condemnation of everything we are doing there. Obviously, and as usual, the NY Times editorial board see what they want and ignore anything that would upset their delicate world view. Which isn't surprising seeing that Paul Krugman writes for them.

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