Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sorry about missing the last few days. Let's catch up, shall we?

Al, you lost. Let it go.

On Wednesday, Al Gore gave a speech - actually, a vitrol-laced rant - in a speech at New York University. He called for Condi Rice and Rumsfeld to resign over the "catastrophe" in Iraq, and blamed Bush for his "utter incompetence". He also said that Bush was the most dishonest president since Nixon.


Now, I am not a Bush defender. I think that Iraq has been handled poorly and that it hasn't totally blown up is a testament to the quality of our men and women serving there, Abu Ghraib aside. But a "catastrophe"? Hardly.

And while I do agree with Gore that Rumsfeld should resign, I think adding Rice is outside the realm. Let's compare this to a big flub during the Clinton/Gore years: Somalia. When those 17 Rangers died there, it was partially due to their not haveing any armored units with them. Because the Defense Secretary at the time, Les Aspin, refused to release them. In the wake of the battle, he resigned. But Clinton's national security advisor didn't go with him. Nor should Rice in this instance. The buck stops with Rumsfeld. He withheld the information about Abu Ghraib from Bush. He was the one who sent in too few troops. And he should go down for it.

And the dishonest comment...who does Gore think he was serving with for eight years? Lincoln?

But what was really bothersome was the complete insanity with which he delivered the speech. You'd have thought has was getting ready to pound a shoe on the podium. And you know, through it all, he was thinking one thing: "How did I lose to this guy?"

Time to let it go, Al. And cut back on the caffeine while you're at it.

The economy disagrees with Al

Bush's "utter incompetence" apparently translates into steady economic growth as the revised 1Q GDP comes in at a healthy 4.4%. The one negative; part of the growth was due to government spending. This is the potential downfall of the current recovery. If Bush and his cronies do not get government spending under control, then all the growth to date could be lost. Nothing chases foreign investment and economic stability away faster than massive piles of debt created by new permanent programs. Such as the Medicare giveaway.

Wow...Kerry made a smart move. Next up, snow in Hell

Apparently understanding the potential disaster that faced him, John Kerry will accept the nomination at Boston this July. Yes, it will cost him millions in funds. But compare that to the political cost of going to the convention and NOT accepting the nomination. Talk about waffling. The Republicans would have had a field day. It would be another example of the Kerry Straddle. So hats off to whomever it was that was actually able to make him realize this. Maybe it was Boston mayor Tom "Mumbles" Menino, who said on CNN's Inside Politics:

My Republican friends are laughing at us because of the indecision we're going through...You can't make a campaign about money. It's not about money. It's about issues. It's about what the future is for the American people, and that's what this should be all about: What's your policy and how you're going to make America better for all our people.

Spot on, hizzoner! Actually, I shouldn't call him "Mumbles" (his local nickname.) I've met Mayor Menino on more than one occasion, and he is actually a very nice and personable guy.

The Good News in Iraq

Today's story focuses on Bravo Company, 16th Engineer Battalion. They have been helping to form and organize an advisory council among the local neighborhoods north of the Kadhimyah District of Baghdad. Bravo Company has also been improving roads, electrical, and water systems in the area, as well as improving local schools.

As always, thank you to the men and women in our Armed Forces.

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