Monday, May 17, 2004

The story you won't hear

In the press you'll hear about the IGC head being assassinated. You'll see the photos of Abu Ghraib. You'll hear and see quotes from "demoralized soldiers" questioning our involvement in Iraq. Won't you won't see are the stories about the reconstruction of Iraq. Of electricity and water being restored. Of the marshland in southern Iraq being re-established after Hussein drained it and killed or forcibly removed the people who lived there. And you won't hear about the brave soldiers over there risking life and limb, serving our nation. Soldiers like Marine Captain Brian Chontosh.


I've gone on record saying Rumsfeld is doing a horrendous job in prosecuting this war, which makes what our soldiers are accomplishing all the more impressive. But what is more glaring is the media's utter lack of coverage of positive stories from Iraq. Capt. Chontosh is representative of what our fighting men and women are all about. They deserve recognition as well.

Captain, thank you for keeping myself, my family and our country safe.

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