Thursday, June 03, 2004

BONUS Good News in Iraq

The 2nd Battalion of the Iraqi National Task Force has seized more than 6 tons of weapons outside of Al Tarmiya. This is an all-Iraqi unit led by US advisors.

The weapons cache consisted of nine sites in a four kilometer area, covered by palm trees. And the haul was staggering. I'll list some of the finds here, leaving out the massive amounts of small arms and ammunition:

Wow. Now, look at this haul. And they only found it NOW. Now imagine just those thirteen 55-gallon barrels of explosive. Forget the 5+ tons of other material. Now imagine they are filled with anthrax, or VX, or sarin. How quickly can we expect to find them? Think about it.

Oh, by the way, has the US media mentioned this story yet? Didn't think so...

The Good News in Iraq

In spite of everything else, the men and women in our Armed Forces keep making Iraq a better place to live. Today's story is about the rehabilitation of part of the Iraqi power grid.

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