Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Boy Scouts are on stand-by

Ensuring that future enlistment goals are never met, the Army is now involuntarily recalling 5,600 retired and discharged soldiers to active duty. Where are they going? Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, men and women who haven't been active duty for some time will be inserted into war zones, while full-time active front-line troops sit on their asses in Germany and other points global.

I understand that technically the Army can do this, but they are apparently unconcerned with the long-term blowback. I will wager a healthy sum that future levels of enlistment and enrollment in the Army and the Reserve will plummet by at least 30% after the way they have abused the Reserve and NG units.

These latest "recruits" haven't even been training at all. They could have been out-of-service for over 10 years, and can be dragged back in. This is just wrong.

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