Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Couldn't happen to a better jerk

In my home state of Connecticut, Gov. John Rowland (R) is up for possible impeachment. The main thrust originally was some undeclared work a construction company performed on his lake house. Later on, said company got some nice state contracts.

But the newest revelation is even better. One of his wealthy cronies, Robert Matthews, was looking for a $5.4 million loan guarantee on one of his businesses in 1997. A similar request had been denied. The governor intervened and the man got his loan. That, by itself, while borderline, is not illegal.

But then it plummets right into kickback land. After he got the loan, Matthews' niece started renting Rowland's old condo for $1,750 a month, when other condos were going for $500-650. Except the money was coming from Matthews' company, which dropped the money into his niece's account via wire transfers. In other words, it was payoff money from Matthews to Rowland for getting the loan.

Then, Rowland 'sold' the condo to an associate of Matthew's for $68,500. That is roughly double the price of other condos in the building. Just like the rent money, Matthews fronted the cash to his friend, Wayne Pratt, who then gave the money to Rowland. Pratt is now doing time for tax charges stemming from that sale.

Warning: Strong language coming

Rowland is a piece of shit and he has this coming. He is an arrogant blowhard who has always thought himself above the rules the rest of us play by. Here are two more reasons why he deserves all of this:

So here's to you, John! All your years of flouting the law, beating your wife and acting like an ass have finally paid off!
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