Wednesday, June 09, 2004


If you visit George W. Bush's home page (I am not linking to it), you will be presented with a memorial page for President Reagan (aka the Last Good President). It is a very nice page, with a nice photo and links to many of his most famous speeches.

And it is utterly distasteful.

This page should not be the main page for Bush's site. It should be a link, a large link, maybe a paragraph with photo link, from his main page. THEN you should come to the memorial page.

By doing this, Bush is basically hijacking Reagan's death for political gain. And it makes me ill.

You think the Republicans would have remembered the consequences of committing such a act. When Dem. Senator Paul Wellstone tragically died, the Democrats at his memorial basically turned it into a party rally. The result was they lost the special election to fill Wellstone's seat.

What do you think the result will be here?

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