Monday, June 21, 2004

Our Enemy in Action

What happened at Abu Ghraib is abysmal. If anyone there actively engaged in (or ordered) the rape and/or murder of prisoners, they should hang. I don't find this out of line, since I believe domestic rapists and murderers should hang as well.

But let us not forget two things:

Compare this to the brutal thugs who slaughtered another American last week in Saudi Arabia. You can see the results of their actions here. These photos are graphic. But sometimes you have to look evil in the eye. These people are never going to be held responsible until they are shot down. This IS their modus operandi.

So it infuriates me when people draw compare the two. They AREN'T comparable. This is what they would be doing no matter what. Remember, Daniel Pearl was slaughtered well-before anything ever happened in Abu Ghraib. And it makes me all the madder that those jackals at AG gave these human scum (perpetrators and sympathizers) a bogus excuse to explain away their activity.

We must prosecute the crimes at Abu Ghraib. But we cannot allow it to cloud our perceptions of the enemy.

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