Wednesday, June 02, 2004

The RNC moves into a glass house...

I wasn't going to post again today, but this story is too good to let pass. The RNC has a webgame on its website. It's called 'Kerryopoly.' You (the player) start with $40K, the average household income. Then you pay for the items in the spaces you land on as you travel the board. The goal, to quote RNC communications director Jim Dyke, is to:

" [prove] that John Kerry's lifestyle is out of reach and out of sync with most Americans."

Such examples are his $6.9 million townhouse on Beacon Hill and his yacht, the Scaramouche, ringing in at $700,000.

Okay, fair enough. Kerry really doesn't understand how economics affect the average American. Duh...

But George W. Bush does? This guy owned the freaking Texas Rangers! He started oil companies! He is the third generation in a political dynasty! How can the RNC, with a straight face, say Kerry is out of sync but W is right in line!? Are you f***ing kidding me?

What hard day's work did W ever do? Did he ever have to choose between paying one bill or the other? Of course not.

This is insane. Neither Kerry nor Bush have an inkling of what sacrifices you have to make to survive in the middle-class. None. So who is the bonehead in the RNC that decided to highlight this flaw in BOTH candidates? Because you can be darn sure people are going to call them on this. In fact, they already have. Someone pointed out to RNC spokeswoman Christine Iverson that Bush, Cheney and Bill First are all multi-millionaires. When she was asked if "their lifestyles also were out of reach of most Americans" all she said was "no."

Yeah, I know just yesterday I was starting up an energy company and making millions off stock deals. I mean, isn't everyone? But then I was thinking about how that yacht was just out of reach...

Yes, Kerry is hopelessly out of touch with Average America. But Bush is right there with him. The arrogance and hypocricy of the RNC is overwhelming.

Once again, the two-party system in America is exposed for the sham it is.

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