Monday, June 07, 2004

Why I Hate Defense Lawyers

If it wasn't printed in a real newspaper, I wouldn't believe it. In the Portland Oregonian, the lawyer for a man who beat his son to death is intending to claim that he suffered from post-traumatic slave syndrome. Essentially, the defense is that since his ancestors were slaves and were beaten, he suffers from "multi-generational trauma", and transfered this onto his 2 year old son by whipping him on the neck and back until dead.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most repulsive things I have ever read. I hope, I PRAY, the judge in this case tosses this defense out at trial, as she did in pre-trial, as it is nothing but junk pseudo-science.

Think about it. This man was not a slave. His father was not a slave. His grandfather was not a slave. Maybe, MAYBE, his great-grandfather was, if he was REALLY old. But most likely, the last member of his family to suffer from the injustice of slavery was his great-great-grandfather. And this sleaze-sucking pig of a defense attorney is using that as a defense for this man?

Not only is that sick, but it lessens the sacrifices of those slaves who suffered so wrongly. I am sure that they'd be thrilled to know that all the pain and trauma they suffered through is being used to excuse a father killing his son.

To top this carnival of fools off, is that even if the man gets the maximum sentence, he's eligible for parole in 25 years. How pathetic.

But now I know I can commit any crime I want. See, my Irish ancestors were abused by the English and kicked off their land in the mid 1800s. And since they were never counseled for that trauma, it must have been passed from generation to generation. So don't hit my car or cut in front of me in the checkout line, because apparently that "multi-generational trauma" is a bitch.

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