Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Missing Story

In the prior entry, I wrote about how Kerry's top donor, millionaire Steven Bing, has connections to a convicted mob hitman nicknamed Donnie Shacks. I read the story in the NY Post, but the story originated over at ABC News.

Someone asked me for the link. So I went to the Post. Story was gone. So I went to ABC. The story is gone.


But thanks to Google, the cached story from ABC News is still there.
Here it is. Remember when going to Page 2, to copy the link and Google search it to pull the cached file up.

So why is the story missing. Three possible reasons:

So what is it? I don't know, but the story is partially confirmed from the excellent Mob News website Gangland News, which, in a 2003 column, confirms that Donnie Shacks did star in a movie produced by Bing. I have no reason to doubt the rest of the story, either.

But I want to make clear why I brought this story up. It is NOT to tar Senator Kerry. I'm not a conspiracy fool like the psycho zealots at FreeRepublic. My point was this: Bush is killing himself and his re-election chances all by himself. Kerry's best strategy is to stay positive and basically ignore Bush (baring major gaffes by W) until the debates.

But when your biggest donor has a connection to a convicted mob killer, you give Bush a chance to connect you to something you had nothing to do with. My advice was to deny Bush a chance to make something out of nothing and push Bing as far away as possible. That's it.

If you're a conspiracy fool, go here and wallow in hyper-right, theocratic misery. You can also slam Mrs. Reagan while you're there. Maybe they have a virtual kitten you can light on fire.

updated: The FreeRepublic link now works. Thanks to Constant Visitor Brad who pointed out my lack of slashes. You may now enter Psycho-ville without further delay.

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