Monday, August 02, 2004

Quick hits (and one long one)

Mark Hacking arrested in Salt Lake City for murder of Lori Hacking: No! You're kidding! What's next, the sun rose in the East? Anyone with one functioning brain cell knew her husband killed her.

Bush agrees to National Director of Intelligence and National Counter-Terrorism Center: He says he looks forward to "moving ahead on this important reform." Of course, two weeks ago he didn't think it was necessary. But NOW it's important, damnit! Especially since Kerry supports it.

Interesting piece: The new director will report to the head of the CIA. So how does this reform anything? The new Director can bring critical info to the CIA head. If the head doesn't agree, it'll get spiked. Why would you have the new director report to the most mis-managed intelligence agency in America? (And that includes the FBI, so you know this plan is screwed up.) Especially since the new Director will be collecting info from ALL the agencies, including the CIA. One possibility: the new Director falls under executive privilege since he doesn't have to be approved by Congress.

Pundits take front stage at Democratic Convention: Of course, if you watched Fox, you'd hardly know there WAS a convention.

Now, let me say that I like that Fox News exists. There IS a liberal bias in mainstream media, and denying that is just foolish. So Fox has a conservative bias. Big whoop. One network versus four. And no network ever playing it straight.

And let me also say ALL the "big network" coverage sucked. I watched it on PBS b/c it was the only way I could see what I wanted to see.

But Fox, do you have to be so blatant? Here are some pulls from the news story:

While CNN and MSNBC carried Gore's 15-minute speech in its entirety, Fox looked in for one minute...

CNN and MSNBC listened to Carter for 16 minutes, while Fox telecast five minutes live...

Fox carried three minutes of Sharpton's speech, and then Bill O'Reilly cut away to talk to two print journalists about his own interview with filmmaker Michael Moore the previous night.

And my favorite:

On the convention's first night, the camera trained on O'Reilly in Fox's FleetCenter skybooth while Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski spoke behind him to the convention. (None of the networks carried her speech.)

"Somebody's out there screaming about something," O'Reilly said. "I don't know what it is and it really doesn't matter at this point."

After some critics questioned Fox's short attention span for Gore and Carter, O'Reilly explained the next night that his mission was to provide viewers with perspective rather than propaganda.

In other words: they decide, they report. (emphasis mine - Teddy)

"The newspaper pinheads claim because we aren't broadcasting the speeches we're not fair," he said. "That, of course, (is) a bunch of baloney."

Okay. First of all, I thought the slogan was "We report, you decide." So F-ING report, Bill! Don't pick and choose for me what is and isn't critical. Who gives a rat's ass about your interview with the equally annoying Michael Moore? I sure don't. Report the news or show the speech, Bill, and I'll choose if it "matters at this point" you arrogant twit.

Second, I'll be interested to see how much play the speeches of Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback get. Not only in comparison to the Dem. Convention, but also compared to moderate GOPers like McCain and Giuliani. Will we get only five minutes? If Fox wants to remain credible, they better. Bias is one thing. Blatant ham-handed favortism is another.

One last quote:

Brent Bozell, founder of the conservative media watchdog, the Media Research Center...hopes the network does the same at the GOP convention.

"I have no problem with any network saying, 'We're not going to focus on the fluff that they give us. We're going to analyze this'."

We'll see, Brent. And if they don't, will you call them on it?
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