Monday, August 02, 2004

Turning over a new Leaf

You remember Ryan Leaf, don't you? QB at Washington State, drafted second in the 1998 NFL Draft behind only Peyton Manning. Hell of an athlete... for four years.

Yes, with that arm of gold went a head of stone. Surly and stubborn, he wore out his welcome at four different cities before leaving the game for good in 2002. Never living up to his promise, he is the biggest bust in the history of sports.

He's now shacked up in Moscow, Idaho, commuting over the border into Washington to finish his classes at WSU so he can hopefully become a QB coach someday....


Really? Leaf as a coach? What'll he teach them, how to throw away a career in four years? Leaf isn't qualified to teach anything, let alone football. Will he teach them media relations? I only ask because here is how he answered a phone call from The San Diego Union-Tribune (S.D. being the city where he started his infamous career).

"Man, what the (expletive)? How'd you get my number? If The San Diego Union-Tribune calls me again ... Man, you fools are stupid."

He then hung up.

Ya, I can see him molding the young minds on a football team.

So why did I write this? Because Ryan Leaf was blessed with a talent few of us will ever possess. He was paid more money than most of us will see on our lifetimes. And the petulant little brat threw it all away. Call it schadenfreude if you want, but I love the fact he's back at WSU like a whipped dog. The only it could be better is if I woke up one morning and he was collecting my garbage pails.

Here endeth the rant.

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