Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"Conservative"? Hardly.

At least by any reasonable definition. But to some, this should be standard procedure. And the GOP has passed a measure through the House to allow it.

Allowing pharmacists and health-care professional to opt-out of their duty under the law simply because THEY don't like doing it is abysmal. Already, some pharmacists are refusing to distribute the Pill. Not the morning-after pill. The BIRTH CONTROL pill. So, when these women are having children b/c they wouldn't do their job, will they help monetarily to raise the kids? Of course not.

And what effect will this have in rural areas where women do not have a wide choice of pharmacies? Well, they'll be subject to the whims of a person behind the counter who feels their personal belief trumps the legal rights of a woman to make choices about her health. Wow, sounds just like Iran!

And please don't tell me that this is a bullshit worry. It started because a pharmacist in Texas refused to fill an emergency contraception prescription for a rape victim. A RAPE VICTIM. So this guy felt his beliefs were more important than the psyche and health of a woman who may have been impregnated by a rapist. How very neanderthal of him.

Just another Theo-Con social step towards imposing their vision of what you should and shouldn't be allowed to do as an individual in America. And turning their back on the whole concept of individual freedom and liberty.

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