Thursday, September 09, 2004

He said, he said gets ugly

So the warring "Your a liar about your service" choruses grew louder in the wake of the "60 Minutes" piece last night that allegedly showed documents casting Bush's Texas ANG service in a negative light.

I have said before that BOTH SIDES need to stop this crap. Bush got an honorable discharge from a unit that could have been called to active duty. Kerry earned five medals engaging in dangerous water patrols. Both did their job. Let's leave it the f--- alone already and start talking about real issues, like 36 million Americans in poverty, lowering the tax burden on the average American and figuring out how to straighten out the problems in Iraq.

But nooooooooo, we have to keep listening about military records from 30+ years ago, each side trying to one up the other.

Well, one side may have finally gone too far. Though I am usually unwilling to link to a Drudge story, and even moreso when the news organization is called "CyberCast News Service" (what a lousy name). And especially when these guys seem to shill for the GOP. However, this piece caught my eye.

It involves the documents shown last night on 60 Minutes, and the possibility of those documents being fraudulent. And it all revolves around this: th

That's right, a susperscript "th". In the document in question, you'll see in the last paragraph the "th" in "111th" is in tiny superscript print. An option that is available on Microsoft Word, but not on typewriters used in 1972.

So what is typed there could not have been typed in 1972. And this was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. He's an ex-Marine, and is no fan of Bush (he voted for Nader in 2000). He worked at the Pentagon and Okinawa typing out these types of reports in the early 90s. He says there is NO WAY that superscript "th" could have been done in 1972, since they were still using typewriters and basic word processors at the Pentagon when he was working. And that those devices physcially cannot create that superscript in such a small font.

So this is what blatant partisanship is creating in America. Forgeries being used in an attempt at slander, a move just as base as the (pardon my French) bullshit SwiftBoat Vets who claim they know the real story, as opposed to Kerry's boatmates and reams of supporting documents.

And the issues continue to go undiscussed while we re-fight a war almost 30 years old. How pathetic.

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