Thursday, September 02, 2004

How a failure as President will get re-elected (or The Poll Tolls for Thee)

I talked yesterday about what a disaster John Kerry's campaign has been up to now. With a beatable incumbent at hand, he and his staff have done everything imaginable to throw the 04 election away.

But hey, don't take my word for it. Check out a recent Zogby poll of undecided voters taken on Aug. 30.

The relevant points:

Keep that plurality in mind with these other results:

Okay, so after all this, we see a huge disconnect. Although the undecideds are apparently down on Bush in every catagory, and seem to have logically divorced the war in Iraq from our 9/11 response in Afghanistan, they still choose Bush over Kerry by a 3.5-to-1 margin. Why? Maybe these questions have something to do with it...

Yow. Basically, John Kerry is seen as unlikable. (Which is understandable. I lived in Boston for 10 years. No one really likes him there, either.) And, with a lot of voters, that is trumping the fact they know Bush has been an abject failure in office.

So who's fault is this? Cahill and Cutter, the two big names that are apparently on the chopping block. It astounds me that they have been utterly incapable of making headway against George Bush.

Two other notes: A whopping 87% of respondents said they are not satisfied with either candidate and wish for others. And on an ominous note, close to 50% of respondents said they would only be somewhat or not willing at all to support the winner of a razor-close election.

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