Friday, September 24, 2004

How to look like an ignorant fool

Obviously, from the title, we're talking about Rush Limbaugh. At one time a conservative, yet independent, voice. Now, a GOP shill who will say anything and do anything for his masters. A man who finds no irony is decrying drug users on his show while downing more painkillers than Joe Theismann after LT broke his leg.

So, I was listening to this blowhole as I was moving items from my house into storage as our new home is being built. The topic was Kerry (duh) and his pledge to hold a summit between us and our allies to discuss how to make things better in Iraq. And this is what Lim-bore had to say:

A summit has never solved anything during a war.

Oh, really? Are you sure? Want to rethink that?

Okay. Now, summits (a.k.a. conferences, congresses or councils) are actually a common occurrence during times of war. Sometimes between enemies, more often between allies. Here are just a few:

Obviously, those all occurred during WW II. But here are a few more. And yes, the "Cold War" does count, especially since conservative Republicans and others (like myself), believed it was a war.

And that doesn't include the myriad other conference during the Cold War, let alone the hundreds in history. Hell, the landmark Congress of Vienna was finished nine days before the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The point of this is that not only have productive summits been held in times of war, but it has happened so many times that its effectiveness is beyond question.

Limbaugh was flat-out lying in his statement because the truth is secondary to his slavish devotion to the GOP.

The fact is that a summit between the US, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia and Poland would go a LONG way towards a cohesive plan to rebuild Iraq. Kerry is right to propose this idea.

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