Monday, September 20, 2004

Pulling out?

Interesting Bob Novak column today, talking about the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq following the election and Iraq's January 2005 elections.

I don't know how I feel about this. I know Bush screwed this up. But do we have an obligation to see this out? Some officials see the chaos in a sectarian Iraq as a good thing. With an autonomous Kurd region and the Sunni and Shia beating the Hell out of each other, Iraq is no longer a regional threat.

But we'll be condeming a entire people to a life of brutality and uncertainty. And in doing so, how is that any different from the life they led under Saddam? This Administration waxes so poetically about bringing safety and freedom to Iraq. If we bail in '05, what will the new story be?

Either way, I find it distasteful that they are planning for this and yet our troops are kept there under-equipped and under-supported to perpetuate the myth of us staying for the long-term. Men and women dying so as not to tarnish a re-election bid.

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