Friday, September 10, 2004

With Allies like this...

While the US fights terror (rightly in Afghanistan, cluelessly in Iraq), our Euro "ally" Germany has seen fit to sit this one out, content to hurl invective at the US and decry us for maltreatment of prisoners at Gitmo. Apparently three squares, prayer rights and full health care are bad things to the Germans. Anywho, we can now find out why they didn't sign up. They were busy discussing human rights in Iran. And what a success!!. Had we but known... The two "achievements":

This, my friends, is the superior German "caring and sensitive" foreign policy at work. Now a young girl making life decisions on her own in Iraq will no longer be crushed by rocks. Instead she'll have her neck snapped by a heavy piece of rope! Wundervoll! And no more disgusting kiddie sex, because now the pervs have to wait until they hit double digits!! Which makes for...slightly less disgusting kiddie sex. Fantastisch! I can't believe they aren't touting this foreign policy success in the UN! We can apply it to Sudan: now instead of raping and killing the women, the janjaweed can just rape them. And only once. Germany, I have another word to describe you: Arschloche.

And some people wonder why, despite Bush's failures, he isn't excoriated more for ignoring the caterwauling from Germany and other countries over Iraq. Well, consider this exhibit "A".

- Story was read originally at Andrewsullivan.com. A kick-ass site, BTW.

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