Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Can you vote for a President who...

This President has been a disaster, both domestically and internationally. He has to harp upon the message of fear because that is all he has. He can't run on an economy that has lost jobs. He can't run on his stewardship of the US finances since he's run up the most massive deficit we've ever had in a single year. He can't run on his dedication to reducing spending since he passed a $500 billion Medicare giveaway bill that will more likely cost us trillions of dollars and has not vetoed a single spending bill. He can't run on Iraq (though he tries), because that has devolved into a mess b/c he and his advisors assumed we'd be welcomed with open arms. And when we weren't, he had no backup plan. He can't even run on making us a safer nation. Cargo isn't inspected, policemen were laid off after he slashed funding, and the border with Mexico is porous as ever.

The only thing Bush can run on is fear. The fear of the United States being attacked again. And man, is he ever pounding that drum.

I can't vote for this man. And you should ask this simple question, one a truly great President asked in his quest to be elected in 1980: Are you better off than you were four years ago?

I can't say that I am. How many of us truly can? And if that is the case, don't I have a responsibility to try and change the equation? But if that isn't enough, the St. Petersburg Times gives you some other metrics to compare. But when more families go on food stamps while consumer debt increases and the national deficit soars, that should begin to give you an idea that things aren't great.

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