Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Not Helping

I'm voting for Kerry this year. This should not be a shock. But in doing so, I have had to hold my nose at some of the garbage the Left is spewing out. First, there was that horrific Ted Rall hatchet-job on Pat Tillman. And now there is piece of garbage from Jeff Danzinger.

Criticizing Rice for her verbal gymnastics about the aluminum tubes found in Iraq is one thing. To use blatant racist caricatures is another thing entirely. It's abhorent and disgusting. Danzinger should face serious consequences for this.

But will he? Doubtful. It's a double-standard that has existed for some time. When the Left uses these tactics to attack "Uncle Toms", it's seen as acceptable by the liberal cognoscenti. But imagine the uproar if a right-wing cartoonist portrayed Kwesi Mfume as a drug-dealing pimp. The invective would be flying and that cartoonist would be hung out to dry.

It's crap like this Danzinger cartoon that radicalizes politics. It doesn't advance constructive debate one centimeter. But sadly, it seems to be the norm more and more.

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