Saturday, November 06, 2004


Once, it is a coincidence.

Twice, maybe it's a coincidence.

Three times... it stops being a coincidence.

I'm not claiming fraud (yet), as some are. Incompetence, yes. This technology never should have been used for the Presidential election, especially without paper receipts to create a trail. But with all these errors, you have to start thinking...

And two other things. Why do all the errors fall in Bush's favor? And why did the exit polls matching voting at non-electronic sites, and vary wildly only at the electronic sites?

Like I said, I am not ready yet to cry fraud. But this deserves to be investigated further.

Thanks to Brad and his BradBlog for the links. He also has much more on this, including the FOIA action being undertaken by BlackBoxVoting. I'm for anything that makes the Feds sweat (in either party), so do what you can to help them out.


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