Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I guess it is over

Apparently Kerry has decided to pursue the high road, ala Nixon in 1960, and concede the election to Bush rather than fight it out in Ohio and (possibly) Florida.

So now we have another four years of W to look ahead to. And some questions will be answered. Such as:

  1. Will he develop an actual exit strategy for Iraq?
  2. Will he actually start vetoing spending bills and reigning in the federal deficit?
  3. Will he continue to try and fight for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage?
  4. Will he try to appoint judges who are inclined to remove Roe v. Wade?
  5. Will he continue to give away billions upon billions of dollars in giveaways to corporate allies?
  6. Will he even try to heal the national divide? The closeness of the electoral total and the vote show that we are very much a nation of two minds.
  7. Will he actually fight a war on terror?

Short answers: No on 1, 2, 6. Yes on 3, 4 and 5. Maybe on 7.

Let's face it, W wasn't particularly inclined to be inclusive and healing after 2000. With a straight win, he'll be even less apt to do so. The result will be a continued widening between the "Two Americas" and the alienation of the moderate, Libertarian-leaning wing of the GOP.

There is one other thing to consider. One the GOP would do well to keep in mind.

John Major brought the Conservative Party to victory in the UK in 1992. It was an election they were supposed to lose. But the resulting bad news over the next five years destroyed the Conservative Party. Even today it is just a shell of itself.

Over the next four years, unless Bush runs completely counter to form, the deficit will rise as spending increases. Jobs will go overseas. There will be pressure to enact social legislation that codifies Fundamentalist Christian religious theory into law. And the possibilty for another terror attack will grow, especially if Bush continues to leave the Mexican border open and doesn't actually pursue the terrorists.

And after four years of that, how will this nation react? Especially in states like Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota and the like, that trend GOP but lie outside the Bible Belt?

Yes, Bush won this battle. But if he doesn't change his ways, it could cost the GOP the war.

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