Thursday, March 18, 2004

Let's get ready for a...Theological Deba-a-a-a-a-a-ate!

There is comedy. There is high comedy. And then there is this pair of wackos who are married and, unfortunately, most likely breeding. It's one thing to disagree about points of religion. It's another thing to stab your husband in the hand with a pair of scissors over it. Apparently they never got to the "Turn the other cheek" part of the New Testament.

Al-Qaeda takes a hit...or do they?

Word is that Pakistani forces have surrounded the second highest-ranking member of Al-Qaeda near the Afghani border. I'd feel more confident about Zawahiri getting caught if it were American troops surrounding him. Instead, we have to rely on a military that is full of fundamentalist Islamic officers, many of whom gave support to the Taliban when they ran Afghanistan. Don't be surprised if Zawahiri makes an "amazing" escape.

It amazes me how the US continuously let Pakistan off the hook. They are rife with Al-Qaeda sympathizers, sold nuke technology to rogue countries and fund radical Islamic schools that churn out young men who hate America. In return we grant them non-NATO ally status so they can buy real high-tech weaponry. That'll teach em! I'm all for being pragmatic and holding off on settling up with them until we catch bin Laden. But do we have to give them a free pass and all the F-16s they can buy while we're at it?

If I see one more political ad....

I can't watch a half-hour of TV without seeing at least multiple political ads for both the candidates. It would be bearable if either of these ninnies was worth voting for. I thought 2000 was the worst year ever for candidates. Guess what? 2004 is going to take the title away.

Kerry and Bush are nothing but party hacks who spout party line BS for every answer. And what is worse is that other politicians, who probably want to say something else (like McCain or Lieberman), can't. So whom do you vote for in November? Try these guys. Yes, the Libertarian Party has some "different" ideas, but at least they can pick their positions based on the issues as opposed to what some half-baked special interest group demands of them. It's nice to know that somewhere, you can support gay marriage and gun ownership at the same time.

Monday, March 15, 2004

The Wrong Answer

In the wake of the Madrid bombings, the Spanish electorate has thrown the conservative party out of power and replaced them with the Socialist Workers Party. One of the key reasons listed was that people were angry that the government's support of the Iraq war resulted in this attack. One of the new Prime Minister's first acts will be to bring Spanish troops home from Iraq.

This is the stunning difference between the United States and Europe. After 9-11, our response was to show the terrorists that not only that they couldn't break us, but that they were the ones who weren't safe. Hence the invasion of Afghanistan and the denial of Iraq as a potential safe harbor. Spain suffers a devastating terrorist attack as well. Their response is to vote in a government that will acquiesce to Al-Qaeda demands and show that terrorism does work. In short, Al-Qaeda broke their will in less than a week. That is shocking and a bad sign. Will the rest of Europe similarly knuckle under to Islamic terrorism?

Europe needs to wake up to the fact that this isn't just about Iraq. This is about a terrorist organization that loathes everything about the West and will do everything it can to bring them to their knees. And if you show them that bombings bring results, the only thing you'll get in return are more bombings. Al-Qaeda has stated that one of their goals is to regain the territories that Islam has lost over history. This includes the Andalusian region of Spain. If more bombings occur, will the Socialists give them back Granada?

The only answer that terrorists understand is violence. That makes some people uncomfortable. But we are not dealing with people who are rational, who are willing to negotiate. They see that as a sign of weakness. They want to wipe us out. We have to be willing to respond in kind. The only way to defeat Al-Qaeda is to expunge it from the face of the earth, roots and all.

How is this done? We must first continue to hunt down and eradicate terrorist cells around the world. Not to imprison them, not to negotiate with them, but to kill them. That is the only way to ensure they don't come back. The next step is to confront the sponsors of terrorism. Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan. These nations are the hotbeds of radical Islam, the birthground of these vicious terrorists. They must be told in no uncertain terms that this must end. That we will not tolerate their support of these groups. If they refuse, we must be willing to take any action necessary to achieve our goal. Be that sanctions, assassinations of political leaders, support of rebel movements or limited invasions, these bases of support must be removed or this war will never end.

And it is a war. These terrorists want us gone from the face of the earth. We have to be willing to do the same with them, or else they will have a perpetual advantage in this struggle.

The United States responded properly in the wake of 9-11. In the aftermath of 3-11, the Spaniards blinked. The question is, what will the rest of Europe do?

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