Friday, July 30, 2004

The company you keep....

Senator Kerry, it's a bad thing when your largest donor is closely associated with a mob guy nicknamed "Donnie Shacks".

For those who missed the story, Kerry's largest contributor, billionaire Steven Bing, is apparently quite cozy with jailed mobster hit-man Dominic Montemarano, a.k.a. Donnie Shacks.

Bing paid his legal fees the last time he was in court, had him act in a movie Bing produced, and saw him socially as well.

Now, is any of this Kerry's fault? Of course not, and in an ideal world it wouldn't matter.

But this is not an ideal world.

And in an election where Kerry's greatest asset is that Bush keeps shooting himself in the foot, the last thing he wants to do is draw some negative attention, however unwarranted it may be. By not being Bush and keeping a narrow profile, Kerry has made this race a dead heat. Granted, a real candidate (Obama?) would be blowing Bush's doors off. But you works with what you gots. And Kerry is the Democratic nominee.

Lose Bing, Senator. You don't want that kind of mess sticking to your campaign.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Back to the Grind

After a relaxing vacation in which I watched Part One of "The Conventions", I have a few thoughts:

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